G-string bike shorts are the latest fashion trend ... and we are so confused!

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Wednesday, 28 August 2019, 3:52PM
Photo/ Instagram

Photo/ Instagram

This year, it has literally felt like every week there's some new bizarre trend taking off in the fashion world.

First, there were fishnet bikinis.

Then, there was the backwards bikini.

This week? It's G-string bike shorts ... which literally looks how it sounds.

Starting the racy trend, UK fashion brand JKA is now selling a pair of bike shorts that features a g-string style through the waist, because apparently, everyone loves to show off their underwear at the gym!

And the back, well, it's a look that's for sure ...

JKAttire.co.uk is currently selling the bike shorts for just £11.99.

The bike shorts are available for purchase in black or neon lime.

So the big question is: would you dare to wear it?

Each to their own, we guess!

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