Have trouble sleeping? Netflix's new show Headspace is here to put your mind to sleep ...

Publish Date
Monday, 3 May 2021, 6:00PM

Are you someone who struggles with racing thoughts at bedtime or has trouble sleeping through the night? Well, Netflix's new series is here to help you put your mind to bed ...

Teaming up with Headspace - the popular meditation app that has been trying to get people to use their phones to calm down - the streaming giant has released the Headspace Guide to Sleep which actually wants to put you to sleep on purpose.

Each short animated episode features a few stats and facts about sleep followed by a guided sleep meditation.

Part documentary, part meditation session, the show debunks some interesting myths about sleep, stress and dreams and does a great job of explaining what needs to happen to your body during the day, in order for you to get a good rest at night.

The first season of the Headspace Guide to Sleep is streaming now on Netflix.

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