Heartwarming note on block of cheese leaves shopper smiling

Publish Date
Saturday, 5 June 2021, 11:00AM

If you needed something to make you smile, we may have just found it! 

An Australian woman has taken to social media to share the heartwarming story of a simple note left on a block of cheese at her local supermarket. 

Image: Facebook

The note read: “To whoever is reading this, you are doing great! You deserve an amazing and happy day today!”

Having posted a photo to Facebook, many made note of how easy it really can be to make somebody's day. 

"This is great! What a simple yet heartwarming thing to do" said one.

 “Love this!” chimed in one more.

 “It’s a bit cheesy though! Now if it was in the beer fridge…!” joked another.


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