Here's how you can get turn 15 days' leave into 46 days off in 2023

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Monday, 24 October 2022, 10:03AM

Public holidays really are the best.

We mean what's not to love?!

If you're fortunate enough to get the day off work, you get to spend the day relaxing and making memories with your friends and family.

But if you really want to take advantage of these public holidays, we've got a cheeky little hack to get you 46 days off work from only 15 days of leave. 

If you work full-time in New Zealand, you're entitled to at least four paid weeks of leave every year.

By moving around some of these dates in your calendar, you're able to be off work for over a month!

Waitangi Day: February 3-6

Thanks to Waitangi Day falling on a Monday, Kiwis get an instant three-day weekend. If you take one annual leave day on Friday 3 February, you get four days off in total.

Annual leave days: 1

Days off: 4

Easter Holidays: April 7-16

The Easter period is jam-packed with holidays and it is a perfect chance to take a full 10 days off. With Easter striking early, Good Friday falls on April 7, and Easter Monday on April 10. That’s already four days off work with no annual leave used!

However, if you feel like another six days off work you only need to use four annual leave days, giving you a well-earned 10-day holiday for the price of just four!

Annual leave days: 4

Days off: 10

Anzac Day: April 22-25

Just when you think April can’t get any better, you get another chance at a four day weekend. With Anzac Day falling on Tuesday 25 April, it means you can get four days off by using an annual leave day on Monday 24.

If you can capitalise on both Easter and Anzac weekends, you’ll end up with 14 days off in April alone! Not a bad way to see out the New Zealand summer!

Annual leave days: 1

Days off: 4

King’s Birthday Weekend: June 2-5

The holiday that used to be called Queen’s Birthday weekend will now become the King’s Birthday weekend. Despite the title change, the holiday will remain the same.

With King’s Birthday falling on Monday 5 June, you can eke out another four day weekend by taking a day off on Friday 2 June. Go on, treat yourself.

Annual leave days: 1

Days off: 4

Matariki: July 8-16 OR July 14-17

With Matariki falling on Friday 14 July, it means you get a three-day weekend as is.

Option 1: You could decide to take four annual leave days off from Monday 10 July which would see you have a nine-day holiday. This is a great idea if you have annual leave to burn. It is also the last public holiday until the end of October so it will pay to use it wisely.

Option 2: Alternatively you could take Monday 17 July off, giving yourself four days off for the price of one annual leave day.

Annual leave v Days off:

Option 1 - Four days leave for nine days off

Option 2 - One day leave for four days off

Labour Day: October 20-23

With Labour Day falling on Monday 23 October, you can take Friday 20 October off to score yourself a four day holiday for the price of one. Saving at least one annual leave day for this will be worthwhile given the next holiday period is Christmas.

Annual leave days: 1

Days off: 4

Christmas and New Year: December 23 - January 2

Jackpot! Christmas and Boxing Day fall on Monday 25 and Tuesday 26, giving you a four-day weekend. If you take the next three days off afterwards, you will be on holiday until January 2 thanks to a weekend and two days off for New Year. That’s a total of 11 days off for just three days of annual leave.

Annual leave days: 3

Days off: 11

Now that we've done all the hard work for you - all you need to do is sit back, relax and cross your fingers that your leave gets accepted!

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