Irishman leaves funeral mourners in tears of laughter with hilarious graveside prank

Publish Date
Wednesday, 16 October 2019, 3:02PM

A dearly departed Irishman has left mourners at his funeral in stitches of laughter after he pranked them from beyond the grave.

Prior to his passing, Shay Bradley pre-planned and organised a posthumous comedy recording that was to be played as his coffin was lowered to the ground.

As loved ones gathered on Saturday in Kilmanagh, Ireland to pay their respects to Bradley - who was an Irish Defense Force veteran - the mood quickly turned from somber to jovial as his voice started screaming to "let him out" via the recording.

"Hello?," Bradley is heard asking before the sound of knocks is heard.

"Let me out," he continues, much to the amuse of those farewelling him.

"Where the f*** am I?

"Let me out it's f****** dark in here.

"Is that the priest I can hear?"

While his language was colourful, it looked like each and every family member appreciated the lighthearted gag, with mourners in the video seen falling bout in fits of laughter before the cameraman pans to the casket where the sound is coming from.