It turns out chocolate lamington-flavoured Iced Vovo biscuits exist and we want to try them

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Saturday, 6 June 2020, 6:29PM

Who doesn’t love a delicious Iced Vovo?

Its mix of strawberry jam, coconut and pink strawberry fondant on a tasty biscuit is simply delightful!

Well, it turns out there is a new chocolate lamington version of the tasty treat and we are here for it!

Instagram user Kellycuisine shared a snap of the new cookie, writing: "They are here! For all you Iced VoVo lovers here’s a new twist on Iced VoVo."

The new lamington edition appears to be for sale for just $2 a packet at Australian supermarket Coles.

"We've reimagined our Iced Vovo with flavours from the iconic Australian lamington,” the Coles website describes the snack. "A delicious biscuit base topped with chocolate fondant and a jammy raspberry topping - all sprinkled with coconut flakes.

"Two icons combined into one delicious creation."

Now, we all know that the lamington isn’t just an Australian delicacy. Us Kiwis love them too!

So fingers crossed the Iced Vovo Lamington will make its way to our shores and stores soon ... or we might just attempt to make our own with a few tweaks to this tasty Iced Vovo recipe.

Meanwhile, another Instagram account TreatsfromOz has also let slip that there are a few other tasty twists hitting the shelves in Australia, including salted-caramel tart Scotch Finger and a mud cake inspired shortbread cream.

Um, yes, please!

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