It turns out the 'door' from Titanic's final scene wasn't actually a door at all!

Publish Date
Friday, 19 July 2019, 2:44PM

It's one of the most heartbreakingly poignant scenes of all time ...

You know, the devastating moment where Rose rests on the door while Jack, well, freezes to death.

But now, thanks to one eagle-eyed fan, we've literally just discovered, over 20 years later, that it was never even actually a door in the first place! 

In an interview with MTV this week, Leonardo DiCaprio - who played Jack - talked about whether or not he would have realistically fit on the "door" - but left us with a "no comment".

But it was through this interview that the door was revealed to actually be an archway from the ship!

See for yourself ...

How has this taken over 20 years to be discovered?!

Our minds are blown!