It turns out there's actually a scientific reason why we can't stop eating comfort food in winter ...

Publish Date
Friday, 12 July 2019, 2:18PM

We've all been guilty of craving a big bowl of a hearty casserole on a cold day - and it turns out there is actually a real cause behind these cravings!

That's right!

Science has uncovered the following three legitimate reasons why we all of a sudden need to eat a hot pie when it's raining outside ...

1. The gut 'speaks' to the brain and the brain 'speaks' to our gut

Our stomach is responsible for the production of the ‘happiness chemicals’ dopamine and serotonin. 

These chemicals are also produced by exposure to sunlight and exercise. Because both of these decline in winter (who really wants to work out in the cold?) our overall happiness level also goes down. 

Cold weather + dark outside = we want to feel happy = we eat comfort food.

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2. Evolution 

Before the convenience of microwaves, refrigerators and supermarkets, our caveman ancestors had to eat foods that would sustain them for longer periods of time, especially in winter.

And although we aren't living in caves anymore, our bodies are still trained to crave the same foods.

3. Childhood

Usually, you think that if you eat something a lot as a child you’re more likely to hate it as an adult. But it turns out that’s not always the case when it comes to cravings.

We’re more likely to eat as adults whatever we were given as children in winter. 

Comfort food = happiness childhood memory = desire to recreate. 

So the next time you’re really yearning for some comfort food … now you know why!