"Just like old school Jaffas": Lewis Road Creamery's latest chocolate milk flavour

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Tuesday, 10 October 2023, 3:47PM
Photo / Instagram

Photo / Instagram

Lewis Road Creamery has given its famous flavoured milk drink the twist we've all been asking for - Chocolate Orange!

Made from whole milk, Whittaker’s Creamy Milk Chocolate and Valencia orange flavour extract, it’s two of our favourite flavours combined to create one unforgettable experience.

Lewis Road Creamery quickly attracted a cult following among dairy fans since its launch in 2012, sending the nation into a frenzy with the release of its fresh chocolate milk in 2014, which quickly sold out in stores.

The company has also had a few interesting collaborations over the years, most notably working with Griffins to develop a Gingernuts flavoured milk drink...

The question now is whether their latest offering will live up to the high bar set by the flavours which have come before.

And while they only announced the release of the new flavour today, fans have already rushed out delighted to try it.

One fan commented on their Facebook page, "...it could be like a Terry's Chocolate Orange? I'm intrigued enough to try it!" 

With another who has already tried it claiming it "Tasted just like old school Jaffas - well-done team! Not usually a fan of chocolate orange anything but this was really nice!"

We can't wait to try it ourselves!


It is only a limited release, so make sure to grab some while stock is still available.

In stores nationwide at Pak’nSave, New World, Farro and Four Square, as well as select Countdown stores.

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