King's Guard melts hearts by breaking protocol so boy with Down syndrome can have a photo taken with him

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Friday, 21 July 2023, 10:56AM

A heartwarming encounter at Buckingham Palace has won widespread praise for a member of the King's Guard who went out of his way to make a young man with Down syndrome feel comfortable.

The touching moment was captured on video and shared online, leaving viewers deeply moved by the soldier's act of kindness.

The King's Guard, known worldwide for their stoic and silent demeanour, are tasked with standing on duty outside official royal residences, remaining unmoved even in the face of distractions from curious tourists.

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Mike, a professional carer who has been part of the boy's life for a decade, was on a tandem bicycle outing when they decided to take a photo near the Guard.

Gently trying to keep the boy from touching the Guard or getting too close, Mike could be heard reminding him to keep his distance.

To their surprise, the Guard responded with unexpected kindness, moving closer to them to ensure a perfect snapshot.

Visibly taken aback, the little boy jumped a little when the King’s Guard moved next to them both.

After making sure to thank the soldier, as they walk away Mike was heard saying: ‘What a nice man, what a cool thing to do.’

Mike took to Twitter to share the experience, expressing gratitude towards the soldier and acknowledging the good upbringing he and the young man received.

He admitted that 'both I and the young lad' got a bit of a scare 'when he stepped closer to us' because it was so unexpected, adding: 'This left me with tears in my eyes for a few evenings.'

The sweet moment delighted viewers who rushed to share their thoughts and comments on the scene.

One person wrote: ‘Lovely gesture of kindness. All the guards do an exceptional job with so many tourists.’

Another social media user added: ‘Total respect to this Guard especially as this young lad was nervous and total respect to the lads guardian for saying thank you wish more tourists were like him’

‘This Guard never fails to melt my heart. That act of kindness brought a lump to my throat. What a sweetheart he is. Your kindness will come back to you young man. God Bless you,’ penned someone else.

And a fourth person wrote: 'Much respect for this King's Guard! He was aware of the situation, and acted with honor.'

Such a heartwarming moment!

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