Kiwi woman gets massive tattoo of Ashley Bloomfield's face on her leg

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Thursday, 6 August 2020, 3:57PM

He's the face of all official Covid-19 updates and even has his own appreciation society group on Facebook ...

But now Ashley Bloomfield has also been immortalised in ink after a Kiwi woman decided to pay homage to the Director-General of Health.

Morrinsville's Dave Mouat, an international award-winning tattoo artist, was contacted by local woman Sherilyn about designing a piece of art that showed off both Bloomfield and elements of New Zealand.

Mouat, who runs Famous Dave's Tattoo Studio, wanted to showcase Bloomfield as a strong character.

"It took about four hours to design and tattoo," he said.

"I just had a look through [photos of Bloomfield] and liked the one with the hair flowing in the wind.

"It's great. Very stately."

The completed tattoo has since been posted to social media and left users blown away at the detail.

Alongside the photo of Sherilyn's tattoo - which was inked on her calf muscle - Mouat wrote: "The Man, The Myth, The New Zealand Legend - Dr Ashley Bloomfield.

"Thank you, Sherilyn, this will go down as definitely one of the most memorable tattoos that I have done."

Mouat said it was the first Covid-related tattoo he's done, but wasn't surprised when Sherilyn came in with the idea.

"I know with Sherilyn she's fun and most of her tattoos reflect her quirky sense of humour.

"She spent lockdown by herself so she went a little stir crazy and Ashley became her highlight of the day."


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