Kiwi woman goes viral with her adorable instructions on how to listen to Coast

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Thursday, 3 September 2020, 1:20PM

A Kiwi woman has hit the big time on the social media platform TikTok, with her adorable instructions on how to listen to Coast.

The woman's grandson Ethan, who regularly posts videos under the username @helenclarkfanclub, uploaded a clip of him visiting her house earlier this week.

In the footage, Ethan explained he could hear music when he arrived at his nan's house but was unsure where the sounds were coming from.

"I feel like it's hold music coming out of the phone," he tells his viewers.


she’d have no bloody clue how to work it

♬ original sound - helenclarkfanclub

Ethan then discovers his nan has bought an Amazon Echo with Alexa.

Sitting beside the hands-free speaker is a handwritten note with instructions on what to say so his nan can listen to Coast.

The note reads: "Alexa. Play the Coast on I Heart Radio."

The video has since amassed over 56,000 views in just two days. 

Bless her!

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