Krispy Kreme is releasing 'Doggie Doughnuts' just in time for International Dog Day

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Tuesday, 22 August 2023, 1:36PM
Photo / Supplied

Photo / Supplied

Krispy Kreme has announced the return of their 'Doggie Doughnuts' and they're just in time for International Dog Day!

Grab your fur baby and head down to any Krispy Kreme drive-thru this weekend to treat your furry friend to some ‘Doggie Doughnuts’ and a complimentary pup cup! 

Huds & Toke, a renowned pet bakery, have created six flavours of doughnut-shaped biscuits, inspired by iconic Krispy Kreme flavours, specifically for our beloved pooches.

Emma Gibbons, Founder and Director at Huds & Toke said, "With a firm cookie base and specially designed frosting, our Doggie Doughnuts provide dental benefits and mental enrichment. They're a tasty treat that keeps tails wagging longer, promoting healthier teeth and gums while offering a satisfying chew time.”

Photo / Supplied

 The Doggie Doughnuts six-pack will be available to order from 26 August (International Dog Day), online and in-store. Plus, if you and your fur baby head to any Krispy Kreme drive-thru on the 26th or 27th and order a pack, your pup will receive a complimentary pup cup! 

Krispy Kreme's ANZ Marketing Director, Olivia Sutherland said that "Bringing joy to our customers is at the heart of Krispy Kreme, and the same sentiment extends to their cherished four-legged friends."

"Our furry companions bring immeasurable love and joy to our lives, and this special treat is a small way to show our appreciation."

So spoil your pooch this weekend and grab them a Doggie Doughnut pack!

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