Man transforms his attic into amazing walk-in wardrobe for his wife

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Saturday, 11 July 2020, 11:11AM

One man has just earned himself a lot of points in the husband department …

Rodolfo, 41, made his wife the walk-in wardrobe of her dreams, and we’re all a tad envious.

The American contractor converted their attic into the epic 270-square-foot which features enough space for everything her heart desires, as well as a cute little reading nook by the window.

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"Ever since I had bought the house I had seen that there was a lot of unused space that could be turned into something, and my wife and I decided on a closet," he told Insider.

"The closet wasn't the hard part," he added. "However, building those stairs that lead to it was a pain.

"We had to glue them, nail them, and use a whole lot of screws just to make sure they were secure."

The DIY transformation when viral after Rodolfo’s daughter shared before and after shots on Twitter, quickly racking up more than 439K likes.

All up the project took him three weeks and cost him roughly $25,000 $30,000 …

Money well spent in our opinion!

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