Pigeon builds beautiful nest out of poppies above Australian war memorial

Publish Date
Thursday, 14 November 2019, 2:34PM

While bird nests are usually made from twigs and leaves, one pigeon has been pinching poppies to build a beautiful red nest.

According to The Canberra Times, the pigeon pilfered poppy flowers from the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier ahead of Remembrance Day.

The publication said the patriotic pigeon was caught repurposing the poppies to build a very bright nest on the sill of a stained-glass window featuring a wounded Australian soldier at the Australian War Memorial.

Ironically, the bird used pigeon wire — placed on ledges to discourage them from nesting — as the framework for its floral formation.

A spokesman for the memorial told The Canberra Times that the creature would be shooed once it finished with the nest.

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