Relive all the hilarious, creative and quirky ways Kiwis have paid tribute to Dr Ashley Bloomfield

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Thursday, 7 April 2022, 5:31PM

New Zealand's Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield shocked Kiwis yesterday with the revelation he will resign in July.

From permanent tattoos to tea towels and even an inspired scent, many Kiwis have used their creativity to show their love for the beloved Dr Ashley Bloomfield, who kept us all laughing through what have been some of Aotearoa's darkest days.

Bloomfield will be forever in the hearts of many ...

Just tattoo of us
Back in 2020, Bloomfield was immortalised in ink after a Morrinsville woman decided to pay homage to the Director-General of health.

Morrinsville's Dave Mouat, an international award-winning tattoo artist, was contacted by local woman Sherilyn about designing a piece of art that showed off both Bloomfield and elements of New Zealand.

Trade Me masterpieces
During the country's lockdowns, there was no shortage of Bloomfield inspired pieces of art being auctioned on Trade Me.

One portrait caught the attention of thousands and broke a record for the most expensive drawing of a politician ever sold on site, selling for $6,350.

Photo / Supplied

The A3-sized artwork was created by Auckland graphic designer Jason Holt and was a "tribute to the good work done so far during the global Covid-19 pandemic".

Bloomfield printed hand towel
Just days after the Bloomfield tattoo went viral on social media, hand towels featuring his face became a must-have homeware.

The towels that were sold by Wellington boutique St Fabiola, became an instant hit during New Zealand's first lockdown.

The boutique's owner, Kirsten Sutherland, had the idea for the towels and after showing them to family, realised she had a struck a nerve when her family wanted to share the idea with their friends.

'Ash Bloom' scent
One of the more unique Bloomfield items was a perfume

Photo / Mark Mitchell

During lockdown, Amanda Richards signed up for a nine-month, American-based online course in natural perfume-making.

Though the natural perfume draws literally on Bloomfield's name, Richards says his on-screen personality also had an influence.

For those who are eager to know what a Bloomfield inspired scent smells like, Richards went with Toasted marshmallows, campfires - and just a hint of hospital pine.

Fancy a cuppa with Dr Bloomfield?
While you may not be able to have a physical cuppa with Bloomfield, you can get your hands on a mug with his face on it.

Simply google "Ashley Bloomfield mug" and you will be met with hundreds of different options.

But it doesn't stop there, many companies that make mugs also sell other items with Bloomfield's face on it, doormats, T-shirts, pins, and even a duvet cover.

Party with Ash
Crowds at Rhythm n Vines back in 2020 also went wild when footage of Bloomfield appeared on the big screen.

As a dubstep beat played over the speakers, Bloomfield delivered an important message for all Kiwis.

His message of washing hands and making summer "unstoppable" was worked into the music, which sent the crowd wild.

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