The Chase fans praise Paul Sinha for his "new rule" for contestants who take the minus offer

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Monday, 28 March 2022, 5:55PM

There's no denying The Chase fans share a disgust for contestants who accept the minus offer in a bid to make it to the final.

And it seems Paul Sinha feels the same ...

The Sinnerman was left far from impressed with a contestant on a recent episode of the show as she chose to take £2,000 off of the team's total jackpot.

After making it through to the final chase, Debbie couldn't contain her excitement as she cheered and celebrated her win.

Unimpressed by her performance, the much-loved Chaser hit out as he told her about a "new rule".

Sinha said: "I don't what you're so happy about ... they've brought in new rules. If you get back you'll owe us two grand, sorry about that."

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Fans of the show were full of praise for the Sinnerman, saying producers should actually take Sinha's advice and put his rule into place.

One person wrote: "Good man Paul. You only get out what you put in... New rules!"

Another said: "Paul's rule would be very popular with the viewers."

A third agreed: "People who take the minus option shouldn't win any money. Or should have the amount they took away, taken away from their cut."

Go Paul!

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