The Chase's Bradley Walsh left in hysterics again after Darragh Ennis makes cheeky comment

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Monday, 24 May 2021, 4:28PM

When it comes to getting the giggles, Bradley Walsh has had his fair share!

But new episodes of The Chase means all-new questions, and yet again, the loveable host was left in hysterics this week after chaser Darragh Ennis made a cheeky comment about a question.

The contestant and "The Menace" were asked the question: "Which woman won her Nobel Prize partly for discovering the structure of vitamin B12?"


Darragh hasn’t been on ##thechase long, but he already has Bradley Walsh CRYING with laughter! Is he aiming for a 3rd job? 😂 ##britishtv ##ukcomedy

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The options available were: A) Dorothy Hodgkin, B) Marie Curie or C) Tu Youyou.

After Walsh read out the correct answer to the question, which was A, Ennis couldn't resist making the remark: "Option C is the hardest person to sing happy birthday to in the world!"

Unable to contain his laughter, the 60-year-old host held his head in his hand as he collapsed into a fit of giggles.

Watch the hilarious moment above!


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