The Queen's former chef shares the super easy recipe to make her scrambled eggs - with two very unusual ingredients

Publish Date
Saturday, 24 September 2022, 10:45AM

There's no better way to start the day, than with a plate of delicious, creamy scrambled eggs!

But what is not ideal, is rubbery mush ... which can easily happen when whipping up the breakfast staple.

But now you can make the PERFECT batch of nice, light, fluffy scrambled eggs fit for a queen.

Nutritionist Lee Holmes has shared the royal recipe reportedly beloved by Queen Elizabeth II - and it includes two unusual ingredients ...

Nutmeg and lemon.

To make the royal scrambled eggs, you start by whisking three organic eggs and a tablespoon of milk in a bowl.

Next, you pour the mixture into a warm pan, along with a tablespoon of butter.

Just before the eggs were set, the dish was seasoned with lemon zest and nutmeg which was then mixed through the concoction on low heat.

Then, when the scrambled eggs were set, they were promptly served to Her Majesty, garnished with pepper and chives.

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