This Cheesy Potato Gratin Stacks recipe is ridiculously irresistible!

Publish Date
Sunday, 27 November 2022, 10:32AM

If you're looking for something different to serve up this Christmas day, then look no further!

These stacks are cheesy, creamy and ridiculously irresistible!

1.5kg of potatoes
90g butter
3g of dried garlic
25g parmesan cheese
One teaspoon of thyme
Salt and pepper


  1. Grease the muffin tray.
  2. Peel the potatoes and cut them into thin slices. Use a cutting board to make the task easier.
  3. Add parmesan to the slices and season with salt, pepper, garlic and thyme.
  4. Pour melted butter into each cup and begin forming pyramid-shaped muffins from the potatoes, sprinkling the tops with pepper and thyme.
  5. Put into the oven, preheated to 190°C, and baked for approximately 50 minutes.
  6. After the baking process is done, gently pry the muffins away from the pan by pulling them out with a spoon or knife and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese.
  7. Bon Appétit!

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