This little boy performing the iconic Dirty Dancing routine is the only thing you need to watch today

Publish Date
Monday, 21 August 2023, 10:00AM

Thirty-six years later, we're still having the time of our lives ... but not as much as little Charlie!

Today marks the 36th anniversary of the release of the pop-culture phenomenon that was Dirty Dancing.

Made for just $6 million, the film defied expectations, making $214 million at the box office and later going on to win an Oscar.

With a perfect melding of romance and dance - and chemistry between Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze - the 1987 movie is still timeless.

So it's unsurprising, that decades on young Charlie has mastered one of the most iconic scenes from the film.

In the hilarious (and impressive) video, Charlie doesn't miss a beat as he mirrors Swayze's moves - and the look on his face when he turns to the camera is confirmation that he is definitely having the time of his life.

Watch Charlie get his Swayze on - we promise it will make you smile!

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