This super simple yet bizarre hack will stop your car windows from fogging up this winter ...

Publish Date
Tuesday, 9 April 2019, 2:29PM

As we reluctantly head towards winter, many of us will soon be faced with the annoying problem of our car windows fogging up.

Usually, we try the car's defogger system and wait for what feels like forever for the windscreen to clear ... then we get impatient and we crank up the heater, also to no avail.

But it turns out there's actually another way to completely AVOID the foggy windscreen altogether.

And it’s very, very simple.

Apparently, the key to keeping your car windows fog free is cat litter.

Yes, really.

Foggy windows are the result of moisture getting trapped in the air inside your car. So kitty litter, which is designed to absorb dampness, also serves the purpose of incidentally sucking up this moisture.

According to the Youtube channel Dax Hacks, by filling a clean sock - with no holes in it - with no-odour kitty litter you can entirely prevent your windows and windscreen from fogging up.

You can then place the sock on your dashboard or under the seat if you wish to be more discreet about it.

But don't expect a complete change after one night though - it might take a few days before you notice a real difference.

So, if you spot a few random socks inside people’s cars this winter, you now know why!