Timaru quads off to school: ‘I will definitely cry,’ mum says

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Tuesday, 8 August 2023, 1:58PM
Quad life is the best for Timaru mum Kendall Macdonald. Photo / via NZ Herald

Quad life is the best for Timaru mum Kendall Macdonald. Photo / via NZ Herald

There will be tears on the first day. Big emotions and feelings of abandonment and separation.

But it won’t be from little Hudson, Molly, Indie and Quinn – the quads are more than ready for school.

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It’ll be Mum Kendall Macdonald who will be in bits.

“I will definitely cry,” says the mother of New Zealand’s first quadruplets since 1993.

Molly, her fraternal twin brother Hudson, and identical twin sisters Indie and Quinn were born at Christchurch Women’s Hospital at 28 weeks and four days.

On August 15, the famous foursome will turn 5.

And six days later, they will start school in their home town, Timaru.

Mum Kendall Macdonald will be emotional when the quads go off to school this month.

Macdonald, 32, admits to having mixed feelings about them heading off to primary school.

“On one hand, I’m really excited for them – they are excited and really ready, especially the girls,” she says.

“They’re at that stage where they need to move on. And they’ve also seen all their friends leaving too and feel too old for kindy now.

“But then, I’m also really sad that they’re 5 and it’s gone so fast. They’re not little children anymore.”

The kids have been having weekly school visits lately and love it so much they don’t want to leave.

The quads were born at 28 weeks in August 2018.

The girls especially love wearing their school uniforms and Macdonald has trouble getting them into their normal clothes.

However, they won’t be all in the same class.

“I thought that would be too mean for the teacher - they would probably rule the class,” Macdonald smiles.

Hudson and Molly are in one new entrants’ class and the identical twins are in the other.

Although the kids are extremely close and share many things, they each have their own distinct character and personality.

Kendall Macdonald with her tribe last year - oldest son Brooklyn and the quads.

Molly is the youngest but the leader, Macdonald says. She is “strong-willed and stubborn” but also hugely kind-hearted and there to look after her siblings.

Hudson has “a few challenges” but is super-smart and taught himself to read.

Indie and Quinn are identical twins but they are “completely different”, Macdonald says.

Quinn is an extroverted “girly girl” who loves singing, dancing, and being a princess, while Indie is a quieter, reserved “tomboy” who is also “so funny... she’s like our wee clown of the house”.

They’re now at the age where they realise it’s not normal to have three siblings with the same birthday.

But they have embraced it and like being known as the quads.

This article was first published in the NZ Herald by Kurt Bayer and is republished here with permission. 

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