Watch this sweet video of kids answering "Do you love your mum" ahead of Mother's Day

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Friday, 12 May 2023, 11:34AM

Just in time for Mother's Day, YouTuber Julian Shapiro-Barnum who hosts 'Recess Therapy' headed to the playground to ask kids "Do you love your mum?" 

His show, described as "One stressed 22-year-old in need of guidance. A playground full of untrained therapists. Little kids, big questions, free advice.", often features hilarious responses from the kids he chats to, and while this video did have some of those answers, there were also some very sweet moments. 

One such moment was when one little girl was asked to give her mum a Mother's Day message, "Hey, mum, here's your Mother's Day message. You're my best friend... I love her so so much"

And of course, there's the classic 'kids have no filter' answer. When asked "What does your mom do for work?”, the girl responded “Abertise. She mostly just sits in a chair.” 😂😂

Watch the full video above, and check out this bonus video of kids explaining what beautiful means to them (Warning, it might melt your heart!)

The video currently has over 24 million views and 10.5k comments. 

One user commented, "When he learned boys can be beautiful too he was all in 😂🥰"

With another commenting "The aww that came out of my mouth everytime they said mommy"

Too cute.

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