Whittaker's is releasing a brand new chocolate 'Hazella' block!

Publish Date
Thursday, 22 September 2022, 3:56PM

Whittaker's are at it again ... and we think this could be their best new flavour yet!

The confectionery giant has just announced it will be releasing a brand new chocolate block, Hazella.

Hazella is a 250g block that features a silky-smooth hazelnut gianduja centre encased in Whittaker’s classic 33% cocoa Creamy Milk chocolate.

Whittaker’s Product Development Manager, Megan Sinclair, says the new flavour brings a touch of indulgence to Whittaker's range.

"With the harmonious balance between the delicious gianduja filling and generous Whittaker's classic Creamy Milk chocolate shell, we think Hazella is simply perfection wrapped in perfection.

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"Hazella also speaks to what Whittaker's is famous for – good honest chocolate using only the highest quality ingredients."

Whittaker's hazelnut gianduja is unique as it has been created using state-of-the-art technology, which perfectly blends the ingredients so that palm oil is not required to stabilise the gianduja filling as is commonly the case.

Hazella is a permanent addition to Whittaker's core range and will be available in stores nationwide from Monday 26 September 2022.


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