Wildlife sanctuary forced to separate five cheeky parrots who encouraged each other to swear at visitors

Publish Date
Tuesday, 11 October 2022, 1:55PM

A UK wildlife sanctuary has been forced to separate five cheeky parrots after they wouldn't stop swearing at visitors.

Billy, Eric, Tyson, Jade and Elsie - who live in a colony of 200 African grey parrots - were removed from public viewing at Lincolnshire Wildlife Centre this week due to their inappropriate behaviour.

"We are quite used to parrots swearing, but we've never had five at the same time," the centre's chief executive, Steve Nichols, said.

However, rather than being offended, most visitors found the foul-mouthed parrots amusing, with the sanctuary confirming no complaints had been made.

"It's brought a big smile to a really hard year," Nichols said.

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Despite visitors finding the parrots entertaining, the zoo decided to keep the rogue offenders away from children to ensure they didn't ruffle any feathers with their parents.

The five parrots have since been moved to different areas of the sanctuary so they're unable to provoke each other.

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