Woman goes viral with heartwarming note for her "noisey" neighbours

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Thursday, 18 February 2021, 5:55PM

When you're throwing a party it's the neighbourly thing to give your neighbours a heads-up, but one woman was left speechless by the "incredible" reply she received from a neighbour.

When a group of friends were getting ready to celebrate one of the girls' 21sts they decided they would leave their elderly neighbour a note apologising for the noise and holding a birthday party next door.

However, the reply they received was one that will melt your heart.

The note was shared on Reddit, where they explained: "I celebrated my friend's 21st birthday party and we left a note on our neighbour's door apologising if we were being too loud and I NEVER expected to get anything like this back."

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In full, the letter said: "McKayla, Africa & Naytsha,

"Please don't ever apologise for the noise. To me, it is not noise.

"It is music to my ears. I have four lovely daughters and three wonderful sons that have all grown and gone.

"While I've been hibernating here FOREVER, you are all music to my ears, seriously.

"I'm not used to living by myself. My husband of almost 45 years passed away 3 years ago. I doubt I'll ever get used to being just me.

"I'm sorry to be rambling on. I just want all of you to know of the joy you have all given me.

"I love your laughter and screeching! It's simply fantastic!!!

"It reminds me of the years we were in our house with fun loving kids and all their joy and laughter. I miss those years and love hearing fun times.

"To seeing my kids and grandkids and being a part of their lives, get back to work, etc."

"You all bring a huge smile to my face, so party on McKayla.

"I hope you had a great celebration. Happy 21st birthday to you!! -Kathy.

"P.S I will miss your laughter, your music and your fun times. I hate to have you move away."

She also signed the letter with a big smiley face.

Kathy's note went viral with many of its readers being touched by her kind words.


This article was first published on nzherald.co.nz and is republished here with permission.

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