Britain’s Got Talent judges moved to tears over Manchester bombing survivor’s dance in wheelchair

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Thursday, 26 April 2018, 3:20PM

It's been hailed as the most powerful audition in the history of Britain’s Got Talent.

And it's not hard to see why.

The judges and audience were left in tears when Manchester bombing survivor Hollie Booth, 13, took to the stage.

Hollie is a part of a dance troupe called Rise, who all wore white t-shirts bearing a Manchester bee logo for their performance.

As a result of the injuries she suffered in last year's devastating terror attack - which claimed 22 lives - the teenager had to do her routine in a wheelchair.

Hollie spoke out following her performance, saying: "I wanted to do it to help inspire other people."

"It was nice to have the other girls with me. We learned the routine in two weeks, but we'd been dancing using the wheelchairs since before Christmas."

“I was very nervous because I was doing it in front of the judges. It was very emotional. It just felt nice. I was proud.”

Simon Cowell was clearly choked up by the audition.

He said: "You know what, Hollie, it is, wow, this is difficult.

"I'm trying to put... to go through what you went through and turn a negative into a positive is unbelievable.

"Because what these people did, because they're cowards and the fact you can come on stage, do what you did, and make such a positive statement with your friends, I'm very proud of you. In fact, I salute you."

The teenager has undergone 11 operations following the catastrophic injuries she suffered in the terror blast, including internal injuries, severe nerve damage and breaking her knee, leg and foot.

She still can not support herself on her left leg.

Hollie’s aunt Kelly Brewster was killed in the attack at the Ariana Grande concert last May.

We are so inspired by Hollie. To perform would've taken an enormous amount of strength and courage!

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