Ellen scares horror star three times in hilarious video

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Wednesday, 20 September 2017, 4:50PM

Sarah Paulson might star in one of the most popular horror shows ever but it turns out she still scares far too easily.

The American Horror Story actress appeared on Ellen where she was prank scared not just once, but three times - totally losing her cool every time.

Her first mistake was admitting her fears to Ellen, a list which included bees, clowns and -
- oddly - clusters of small holes.

"I could be carrying a small child, and if a bee came around, that baby's getting dropped," Paulson said.

And while she explained her fear of small holes - "I Just think they're disgusting" - Ellen flashed pictures of beehives up on the screen nailing two fears in one.

Ellen also hid in Paulson's dressing room and jumped out at her, scaring her before the show's taping, then she had a crew member sneak up and scare her from behind while they were on stage.

But the best part was while she was recovering from her second scare, a clown - one of Paulson's biggest fears - jumped out of the ottoman next to her seat, at which point Paulson collapsed on the ground, hugging Ellen's legs before she gave up and just crawled under the coffee table.

Morals of the story: People getting frights will always be hilarious, and never, ever trust Ellen DeGeneres.

Source: NZ Herald.