Fans are loving Nigella's hilarious 'psycho' moment on TV

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Thursday, 16 November 2017, 11:29AM
Photo / YouTube

Photo / YouTube

Nigella Lawson left fans of her BBC2 cookery show a little alarmed during last night's episode - after she had a 'Psycho moment' with a leg of lamb.

Viewers tuning in to the 57-year-old's latest show, At My Table, saw Nigella brandishing a knife and mimicking the terrifying shower scene from Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 film.

While the domestic goddess was clearly enjoying a moment of fun as she incised the lamb so it would absorb more marinade, her horror-movie knife action unsettled some.

Around ten minutes into the show, Nigella turns to the camera as she prepares the herby leg of lamb and says: 'This is my psycho moment'. 

The cook then emits the shrill sound made famous by the Psycho scene - where Janet Leigh's character is brutally murdered in the shower - and plunges the knife into the lamb's skin.

Social media quickly captured the slightly nervous reaction to Nigella's comedy: @JudyCera1 wrote: 'OMG Nigella's psycho moment is the most disturbing thing I've seen today'

@philipclothier1 added: '@Nigella_Lawson really not sure about your "psycho moment" with a lethal carving knife.'

And plenty of people suggested that Nigella might have been thinking of her ex-husband Charles Saatchi - from whom she endured an acrimonious divorce from in 2013 - while she was making the marinade incisions.  

@pdunnery wrote: 'Don’t do acting again #nigella scenes from Psycho, probably thinking of Charles Saatchi though.'

Another viewer loved the cinematic diversion, saying it was television gold. 

@callum_brown1  wrote: 'Sad to say when I made that leg of lamb I wasn't as creative as Nigella with her psycho moment. Norman Bates would be proud. TV moment of the year.'

@dougalmcflurry wrote: 'I'm sorry but I will never get over @Nigella_Lawson doing a Norman Bates on a leg of lamb.'

@cate_a_moore wrote: 'Her "Psycho moment" ended up with her gingerly piercing the skin of the lamb with a sharp knife. Oh Nigella, that's not a Psycho moment.'

Last night's episode saw Nigella serving the leg of lamb with garlic, feta and oregano roast potatoes, followed by a chocolate olive oil mousse.

-Daily Mail.