Kiwi Toddler Showing Off His Skateboarding Skills While Wearing A Super Cute Dragon Costume Has Gone Viral

Publish Date
Friday, 26 August 2016, 11:53AM

He may be pint-sized, but this toddler isn't afraid to try a few tricks on a skateboard.

Decked out in his favourite green dragon costume, 22-month-old Wyatt has enviable balance on the board, despite it being as big as he is.

A member of Auckland-based Young Guns Skate School, Wyatt isn't fazed as the older kids glide past, and never cries when he takes a spill.

The fearless tot has been charming the internet with the viral video, filmed by the school's director Simon Thorp.

Inspired by his three older siblings to get on a board, Wyatt is the youngest member of the skate school and, as Thorpe's footage proves, is an impressive little skater for his age.