Manawatu couple's incredible tiny house

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Tuesday, 24 January 2017, 9:22AM

On a farm bought five-years-ago, a couple have decided to embrace a retirement with a difference.

Adrienne and Dave Merryweather of Sanson, Manawatu, have built a tiny house measuring roughly 2.5 metres wide by 7.2 metres.

The kitchen space and ladder to the sleeping loft. Photo / Youtube / Living in a big tiny house 
Photo / Youtube / Living in a big tiny house

The couple sold a larger home and half of their land to their son and have downsized to a much smaller, solar powered space.

"We thought, let's have some fun, let's drop our mortgage," Adrienne told tiny home advocate Bryce Langston, "Now we're going to have time for us, do a bit of travelling...We'll have teenage years now. I'm getting a surfboard, and a body board. I'm going to learn to surf."

Situated on 4 acres of land, the home is simple and comfortable with a sleeping loft accessible by ladder.

The tiny house has a comfortable sleeping area. Photo / Youtube / Living in a big tiny house
Photo / Youtube / Living in a big tiny house

Believe it or not, Adrienne says the kitchen area is more functional than her previous kitchen which was larger.

Watch the video above to see more of the impressive house! 

- NZ Herald