Prince Harry's inspirational promise to a young girl battling spina bifida

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Thursday, 6 September 2018, 11:53AM

 It was the 'can-do' attitude of the children who were dealt the 'toughest cards imaginable' that Prince Harry praised in his heartfelt speech at the WellChild Awards in London.

"Every one of you is truly amazing," Prince Harry said to the children, carers, and nurses.

Saying their stories were "without doubt incredibly moving and motivating", he hailed the young people who have been "dealt the toughest cards imaginable" and are a "constant reminder that we must look to the positive and never give up".

Harry paid an extra special visit to little Scarlett who is helping by taking care of her sister.

Prince Harry said: "Scarlett, who has been sitting next to me while we have been watching these remarkably inspirational stories this evening, is an absolutely perfect example of exactly why that training for families is so incredibly important.


"At 10 years old, she plays a key role in caring for her sister Freya – and I know that there have been occasions when she has taken the lead in managing Freya's feeding and oxygen when helping her Grandmother on the very rare occasions when her parents have taken a few much-needed hours for themselves."

Gesturing to the Duchess, he said he was "especially grateful to be able to share the scope and magnitude of this work with my wife who joins me here this evening".

Prince Harry made a 'pinky promise' to an inspirational girl as she handed the Duchess of Sussex and a bouquet of white roses.

Meghan took a single white rose out of the bunch and told her to hold on to it, and keep it in her 'memory box'.

Adorable Matilda Booth, seven, who suffers from spina bifida and is paralysed from the chest downwards, was also asked by Prince Harry to "pinky promise" him that she would "never stop smiling".

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