Rubbish truck workers surprise their favourite customer with a cake for her 100th birthday

Publish Date
Friday, 16 August 2019, 11:04AM

Rubbish collectors have warmed hearts around the world when they surprised their favourite customer on collection day with a cake for her 100th birthday.

Singing "Happy birthday" as they knocked on the woman they call Mercy's door, she was clearly blown away by the gesture as she was left with tears of joy after opening the door.

The men, who were wearing hi-vis jackets, told her to blow the candles out and make a wish, jokingly saying "to live to 105".

The video was instantly shared on social media, with many confessing the heartwarming gesture made them tear up.

Commenters praised the selfless act of the bin collectors, with one saying: "Awesome bros! Wish more people would be like this. So many elderly people alone wanting nothing more than a little company and attention."