Shaun Wallace makes a VERY embarrassing mistake on The Chase

Publish Date
Tuesday, 11 December 2018, 11:46AM

When Shaun Wallace isn't being a chaser on The Chase, he spends his time as a barrister and a part-time lecturer. 

While he has proven himself in the maths field in the past, it seems that a man with his qualifications can slip up on the easiest of questions.

When the question "If a car is travelling at 60 miles per hour, what distance is covered in a minute?" comes up, Bradley jokes "What kind of question is that?" while the contestant says "I feel bad!"

She then does the simple maths behind the question "Sixty miles, sixty minutes, one mile, one minute."

Shaun obviously didn't use the same logic as Aislinn as he answered incorrectly with "Two miles".


So next time that you are playing along with the show and get the simplest question wrong, don't worry about it - the chasers do exactly the same thing!