The Heartwarming Moment A Boy Meets The Pony He Saved For By Selling Lemonade For 2 Years

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Friday, 21 October 2016, 3:15PM

A little boy was brought to tears when his parents surprised him with his very own pony this week.

Sabastian Lucas, 7, was speechless when he walked into his family's shed to find the pony on Tuesday because it was the moment he'd been dreaming of.

The seven-year-old Queensland boy worked diligently making lemonade and selling it outside his family home for two years, in an attempt to save up enough money to buy his very own pony.

At just 20 cents a bottle, Sabastian saved every dollar he made from the lemonade stand for two years - the total added to $3,000. 

Sabastian's hard work came to fruition when his parents rewarded him with Tom Boy, a Welsh mountain pony on Tuesday.

Capturing the heartfelt moment on camera, mum Juliana said her son's reaction was overwhelming to watch.

'I don't think there is a better feeling than your child's raw emotion,' she said.

'He was completely beside himself, he literally just couldn't believe it, he was shaking,' she said.

And while Sabastian reached his goal, Juliana said there was still a lot more money to be made from the lemonade stand. 

'He's still going, he's saving for all the gear now,' she said.

'He's very determined to do it, and he's worked really hard.

'That's the sort of kid he is, I'm very proud of him.'


- Daily Mail

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