Truck carrying 18,000 kilograms of wine bottles crashes spilling wine all over the road

Publish Date
Wednesday, 7 August 2019, 2:17PM

In what might be seen as the biggest crime of the century to vino lovers, two semi-trucks crashed in Chicago last night resulting in cases of wine being spilt along the highway.

According to Illinois State Police, the saga started when a blue tractor-trailer stalled while travelling in the middle lane.

The driver reportedly tried to move the truck toward the shoulder but ended up hitting another truck who was already in that lane.

The police did not have available an estimate of how much wine was ruined, but believe a quarter of the load spilt onto the road.

"We do not know the value of the wine or how many pounds of wine the trailer was carrying at this time. We do not know what per cent of the haul the spilt wine represented," a spokesman said.

The cases of wine - which could be seen strewn across the road - displayed the logo of Italian winery KRIS, which distributes pinot grigio and pinot noir, according to its website.

Two lanes were closed as a result of the crash, while crews cleaned up the wasted wine.

Both drivers were taken to hospital for the treatment of minor injuries.

Illinois State Police were investigating the crash.