Watch Bruce Springsteen's emotional performance at Asbury Lanes

Publish Date
Wednesday, 20 June 2018, 11:44AM

A 700 person venue that doubles as a bowling alley, was packed out over the weekend as the popular band 'Portugal. The Man' was scheduled to play the event.

But despite the band's recent shot to fame, they weren't who everyone came to see.

Even though Bruce’s name was on the posters, no one was actually too sure as to what Bruce was going to do there.

As Portugal. The Man prepared to take the stage, to everyone’s surprise Bruce Springsteen was the opening act alongside the Tangiers Blues Band.

After Springsteen rocked the stage and set the bar very high, the main act played through the smoke alarm going off three times during their set which killed the mood completely.

Watch the whole performance above!

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