Watch Michael Bublé draw pictures for sick Kiwi kids in a very heart-warming video

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Thursday, 13 December 2018, 4:49PM

International superstar Michael Buble has turned his hand to drawing in a bid to raise money for sick Kiwi kids.

The crooner was invited to draw for a charity of his choice, which was Cure Kids NZ.

It's a particularly fitting cause given Buble's own son Noah has been battling liver cancer at just five years old.

In honour of his children, Buble's drawing is of a new character called 'Super Kid'; a representation of all of his children and their love of superheroes.

He said: "I know that even if you took Superman, and Spider-Man, and Batman, and you stuck them all in to one guy, those superheroes would never be half as brave as you. You are the real superheroes."

While he admits he's "possibly the worst artist in the world" and laughs at his efforts saying, "Oh it's so bad", he later adds: "It's so bad it's good....I like it".


The cute picture has been framed, signed, and also turned into a 3D model and both items have been put on Trademe - along with Buble's new album Love and a deluxe copy of Michael Buble Christmas.

At the time of writing, the highest bid was in at $1500. All proceeds from this auction will go directly to Cure Kids.

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