Watch Parris Goebel rate Jack Tame's questionable dancing on Breakfast

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Tuesday, 20 March 2018, 10:24AM

We all think we can shake our stuff on the dance floor, but in reality, we probably can’t.

In a hilariously embarrassing video clip Breakfast host Jack Tame was caught having a little boogie on holiday.

It all played out live on the show in front of a live studio guest, world famous Kiwi choreographer Parris Goebel.

Tame was surprised by the footage, went bright red and declared: “Ha! I didn’t know that we were going to play that!”

His co-host Hayley Holt said: “Obviously that is Jack on holiday.”

Parris, meanwhile, erupted with laughter.

“When you think of the wonderful people you work with, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, then you see that, I mean, it’s quite similar?” queried Tame.

“I’m honestly going to say… that was 20 out of 10!” Goebel assured him.

Bring on Dancing with the Stars Jack!

Goebel recently released her first book, detailing her time working with celebs like Justin Bieber.

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