Watch the kids from the Mitre 10 DIY advert recreate the commercial 12 years later

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Wednesday, 12 February 2020, 9:34AM

It's one of the greatest ads to have ever graced New Zealand television screens, launching the adorable catchphrase: "Mate, ya dreaming."

Thanks to Seven Sharp, 12 years later, the two Kiwi boys who starred in the famous 2008 DIY advert are all grown up and have just reunited to recreate the clip.

And even "Australian" tradie Jonesy joined in the reunion.

• Remember the kids from Mitre 10's DIY advert? Well they're all grown up and have reunited 12 later!

Taking to Facebook, Mitre 10 first announced the reunion, writing: "She was a pretty big job getting the boys back together. Jonesy too."

Their caption was accompanied with a photo of the two Kiwi tradesmen as kids and now as 16-year-old lads.

We love it!

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