Why Everyone Loves Hilary Barry: Watch Her Top 3 TV Moments

Publish Date
Friday, 6 May 2016, 3:14PM

Everyone loves Hilary Barry.

Aside from being a top journalist and presenter, the reason Barry is so well loved is because she's so relatable.

Most of us grew up with the anchors on the evening news being a bit dry and stale, but Barry introduced an element of light-hearted fun.

She would burst out laughing, go off script and add her own quips.

So now that the so-called "aunty of the nation" has left her post at TV3, we're counting down her top 3 moments...

The moment that changed everything: tears for JC.

The news of John Campbell leaving TV3 hit the nation hard, and it hit his colleagues and friends even harder.


One snort to rule them all

Barry is famed for cracking up on screen - sometimes for no apparent reason...


Barry vs Pippa

Even when she thinks a story is stupid, Barry still presents it but she doesn't bother trying to pretend it's her idea of quality journalism.