Why Toni Street was in tears on air

Publish Date
Wednesday, 15 November 2017, 11:42AM

Toni Street cried on The Hits Breakfast this morning as she told heartfelt stories about how All Black Israel Dagg and former coach Sir Graham Henry helped her through a rough period.

Sam, Sarah and Toni were sharing their stories of nice encounters with celebrities, in light of the social media trend of sharing 'nice allegations' about celebrities.

The trend was kicked off by Twitter user Bakoan to provide a reprieve from recent stories of harassment and abuse in Hollywood.

Toni spoke about how Dagg and Henry supported her while she was unwell.

"When I got really sick and I was going through infusions, I was in a really low space. I got two messages – one from Israel Dagg, the All Black, and one from Sir Graham Henry," she said.

"Both of them offered up their holiday houses for me, and said if you just want to get away from it all and just go and have some time – and I remember reading them and just crying. It actually makes me teary now," she said.

"It was just so lovely. It makes such a difference. You actually don’t know what that one interaction is doing for that person's day."

Toni was diagnosed with a rare auto-immune disease called Churg-Strauss syndrome in 2015. She described the experience to Woman's Day as a 'learning curve'.

"Suddenly you find you've gone back to your everyday life and you realise that the small things do matter. I'm still looking after two little children and going to the park, getting coffees, going to work each day. But that's what makes up my life and makes it rich. I am happy and so thankful for that."

NZ Herald.