Watch the hilarious moment a dad's attempt at snow angel with his baby fails miserably

Publish Date
Friday, 14 December 2018, 2:36PM

This dad was playing in the snow with his family when he thought it would be fun to make a snow angel with his baby.

The problem was that he clearly didn't factor in his baby's weight and the depth of the snow (50cm, to be precise).

Footage shows Adam Frisbee holding his son in his arms before putting him down in around 50cm of snow.

The little one then sinks in the snow vanishing completely to the surprise of his father who rushes to rescue him.


"This is a few days late but I had my first #snowday as a @SWCSTrojans teacher this past Wednesday. We call this the lake effect baptism," Frisbee wrote on social media.

The clip shot on November 28 in Jamestown, New York, is going viral on Twitter reaching nearly 6 million views.